Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to do Cap This Best of's

The scoring for Cap This Best ofs is like the scoring for Whose Line Is It Anyway... essentially meaningless. I try to pare down submissions to the best ten. If I can't decide between close captions, I leave them in and don't worry about it.

This picture got 32 captions in two days. The italicized remarks are my thoughts as I picked the Best ofs...

Best of mpur
The girls are a front. The guy in the back is where the action is.

I wanted to do something with the guy in the back, but I couldn't think of anything. Keep

The socially awkward girls of Phi Beta Rotunda finally found a sponsor who could really relate.

I like the Phi Beta Rotunda angle, but the other caption was better. Out

Best of Best of
Via the traditional Democrat Party method, the new 2008 delegate fluffers are vetted by the previous Democrat Candidate for President.

I like it, but I prefer to give credit to people who post with their names. If it weren't anonymous, I'd keep it in. Out.

Best of Nice Deb

Some more photos of Kerry, once the party really got started:

Not remotely related, but another great pic:

These aren't really captions. Out

Best of duke of red
The guy in the back has a little Captain in him. So does John Kerry, hence the goofy smile.

Snort + Hip Pop Culture reference. Keep with a little edit.

Best of GregMan
That "Girls With Corpses" website is getting pretty popular.

1. Not bad. Let's see what else GregMan comes up with. Hold
2. Next Cap is better. Out

Best of GregMan
Phrases You Thought You'd Never See Hear #41: "Man, those are some hot chicks hanging out with John Kerry."

Better. Keep. Little Edit

Best of Paul
With Ted Kennedy not feeling so well, John Kerry has to fill in for his 'official' duties. Looks like he's filling in for Barney Frank, too.

OK, but a little long. Hold

Best of Jack Reacher
The girls agreed to pose for the photo once they were convinced they'd be with the guy who played Gomer Pyle.

OK. (Wow, he really does look like Gomer Pyle). Hold

Best of Jack Reacher
Weight Watchers is obviously hurting for spokesmodels.

Good angle. Not sure about the execution. Out

Best of Jack Reacher
Rejected commercials for Sham-Wow: It'll even clean up after this!

Snort. Have to decide which cap is better on the second pass. Hold

Best of The Man
Is that a swift-boat in your pocket or are you glad to see us, senator?

The in your pocket angle is a little over-used. I don't think the swift-boat angle is fresh enough. And how would a swiftboat fit in the pocket anyway? Out

Best of Passionate Conservative
"Let's see that old fart Kennedy top this one!

Not Bad. Hold

Best of Double the U
Let me just sneak in this photo and pretend people like me.

Snort. Nice. Definite Keep.

Best of Shayne
"Hey John, why the long face?"

Hadn't heard that one in a while. Keep

Best of Gagdad Bob
"I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for booty."

What a great caption. Oops, I already posted it at the site I stole the pic from. Don't want to appear arrogant. Where's my arugula! Out

Best of ochagirl
John Edwards': Hey, what are you doing with my mistress and my, erm, "special friends"?!

btw . . . how long before John Kerry's eyes completely disappear? Look at 'em. o_O;

I snorted at the BTW. Caption is a little labored. Out, but I think people who read the comments will like it.

Best of lawhawk
Ah, I see just got their new background image up.

Ho Ho. Is funny because chicks with douchbags is real website. Keep

Best of Army of Mom
Next on CSI: Nick Stokes investigates the corpse among the co-eds.

I like the Stokes angle, but I'm not committing until I see what else AoM has. Hold

Best of Army of Mom
Sadly, Tommy Smothers kept popping up and yelling "Sock it to me!" while goosing the co-eds to cries of "come back, Goldie!"

Liked CSI caption better. Out

Best of Army of Mom
Stop me if you've heard this one before, five blondes, a corpse and a CSI investigator go into a bar ...

Liked CSI caption slightly better. Out

Best of Army of Mom
The "Bring a Has-Been" themed Phi Delta Theta party was a great hit. Sally won by bringing Kerry. Thelma finished second with Tommy Smothers and Leslie just finished with George Eads and didn't care about the party's theme.

Still milking the CSI theme, but I still like the first one better. Out

Best of Army of Mom
Sen. Kerry is that your chin poking me in the back or are you just happy to see me?

Not bad. Still like the first one best. Out

Best of Army of Mom
This is one of those trick pictures, isn't it? You're going to ask me to spot the boobs.

1.Nice. Hold
2. Out

Best of Army of Mom
Is it just me or does Kerry look like Vincent Van Gopher from Deputy Dawg?


Best of Silhouette
"That's right, Mr. Kerry, you won!" Candy didn't have the heart to tell him it was Pig Night.

Oooh. Nasty. Hold

Best of Double the U
"Can-ah I gets me one of dem beer bongs ovah here?" Kerry thought he was so hip.

Snort + Reference to a doofus moment on the campaign trail. I already have one Double the U caption, but this one might be just as good. Hold

Best of sonicfrog
Hmmmm. I always wondered what happened to Alice from "The Brady Bunch".

Snort. Hold

Best of Rodney Dill
Because as every woman knows, Loser sex is so gratifying.

LOL. Keep

Best of Rodney Dill
"You should see the size of the hanging chads on this one."

Not as good as Loser Sex. Out

Best of Dub
13 boobs in one picture. Nicely done!

Better Boob angle. Keep this. Discard AoM's take

Best of Gagdad Bob
John Kerry's secret for getting chicks? Lerch impersonator at Addam's Family conventions.

Not bad. Did I keep one of Gagdad Bob's already? Hold

Best of mega
"Stabler, if I see you posing with John Kerry and a bunch of pudgy girls again, you are off this case. Go home and get some sleep."

Should have had an ORA, but not bad.

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