Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iggy Pop, Miserable Bastard

**Iggy Pop** says it’s not as easy to feel good as it once was. “To feel
good when I was 21, all I had to do was to smoke a joint,” the
59-year-old rock dinosaur tells the March issue of Spin. “Now I have to
turn off my phones, do tai chi for an hour, drink a strong cup of
coffee, and stay away from bad people, so I can feel good for an hour or
two — knowing when it ends, I’m gonna feel like the miserable 59-year
old prick that I actually am.”
What a FUPOS. All I need to be happy is to sit on my back deck and
watch the sun go down, or play a few rounds of Halo with my son and his
friends, or play with one of the cats for a few minutes, or watch some
sports on cable. Cheese Louise. What is wrong with people that they

make things so complicated?
Hat Tip: Divine Miss M.
Source: Wants you to register. Don't Bother, this is the full quote.

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Van Helsing said...

All I have to do to be happy is remember that I'm not a geriatric pop star.